"Thursday's-child-has-far-to-go" Musings
from the Priest Administrator
Saint James Church, Saint Augustine, FL
A Catholic Community of the Personal Ordinariate
of the Chair of Saint Peter

"As in 50 down, and only 49,950 words to go" Greetings!

"Huh?", you say. Yup, I've finally begun my sequel to Holy Fool, Holy Father, (I know Nancy Quatrano will appreciate this!) this very morning. Just 50 words to start priming the pump, so to speak, but it's there, on paper, and now I get to flow with the momentum (1/1000 isn't so bad to start, no?)! This latest personal offering to the world of Catholic fiction will be - depending upon how one regards these things - either a long short story, or a novella, the latter of which were popular in various places and times over the past couple centuries. Please keep the project in prayer. It will involve our heroes both going forward from the conclusion of HFHF, AND in toggle-flashback fashion revisiting the 10-year "jump-ahead" period between chapters 26 and 27 in that first novel. Critical years where Misha and Anastasia learn to live out their new celibate vocations, while maintaining their vital connection as spiritual soul-mates. It WILL be interesting!

Okay, BUT that's not really the BIG NEWS today, which, of course, concerns our imminent change-up from a Saturday afternoon vigil Mass to a Sunday morning service at St. Ben's. JUST TO MAKE SURE THERE'S NO CONFUSION - THIS PARTICULAR, UPCOMING WEEKEND, APRIL 29th, WE WILL STILL MEET, BUT FOR THE FINAL TIME, FOR OUR SATURDAY VIGIL SERVICE AT 4:30 P.M., AS WE HAVE FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS.


I am attaching the May monthly Bulletin which reflects this change, which interestingly begins on the Fourth Sunday of Easter, often referred to as Good Shepherd Sunday. We'll do it up right that morning, with the Rite of Sprinkling and the full Roman Canon from the Divine Worship Missal, which I only have been using occasionally up till now. We know that some of our friends and visitors from other churches will likely not be able to be as regular at this Sunday offering as had been the case with the vigil Mass, as your current registered diocesan parish obligations should take precedence over St. James. Nonetheless, from time to time, as Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI envisioned, folks will want to just "check in", and imbibe something of the "precious Anglican Patrimony", as the Holy Father called it, that has been recovered for the Catholic Church in the Ordinariates.

And what ALL that really comes down to is this: that regular, St. James/Ordinariate-registered folk are super-highly encouraged to be at this Sunday Mass, since much of the effort to obtain it was for YOU! Of course, most of you already know that, and I will look forward to seeing you on a more regular basis. In short order we'll have Christian Education and community fellowship to offer after Mass time, and we'll be finally on our way to building the kind of church community that Bishop Lopes expects us to grow into.

And with that, I must close. St. Gerard and my afternoon Physics class with the young ladies beckon, and BTW, we're studying Einstein and his incredible achievement in developing both the special and general theories of relativity. And if you think that's too much for a 16 year old student, you should stop by some time. These kids are smarter than most of us give them credit for! Hopefully many of you are catching the 10-part National Geographic series on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the life and work of Albert Einstein, entitled "Genius", told from a dramatic and personal perspective. Turns out that young "Bertie" was anything but a simple science nerd; in fact, he was quite a lady's man! Who knew? Check it out!

May God Bless and love you All, and may the Mother of God's intercessions bring you great peace,

Fr. Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr., D.Min.